Cache used by SolrIndexSearcher for filters是什么意思???

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  • olrIndexSearcher for filters


  • Now, an international group of researchers has an answer. Theyve found new evidence suggesting that Earths crust (地壳) started shifting at least 3.8 billionyears ago. The new estimate is 1.3 billion years earlier than previous ones.我搞不懂的是第二、三句,尤其是三句话,它是什么意思?是说”关于地球外壳开始移动的时间的最新估计比3.8亿年要早1.3亿年么“?,那么也就是说地球外壳开始移动的时间最新估计是 2.5亿年?( 3.8-1.3=2.5)问题补充: 求高手指点,我的理解是否正确,谢谢。
  • 早应该是更往前 3.8+1.3


  • deadlymouse什么意思
  • dead窢工促继讵荒存维担哩ly mouse致命老鼠 双语例句1To test the use of the technique for investigating brain disease, the researchers looked at a mouse model of glioma, a deadly form of brain cancer.为了测试这项技术在研究大脑疾病中的优势,研究者们观察了一种致命的大脑疾病&神经胶质瘤的小鼠模型。

graphic form是什么意思

  • graphic form是什么意思
  • graphic form[英][ɡrfik f:m][美][ɡrfk frm]图像形式; 图形形式; 图象形式; 双语例句1In many areas of computer science, it has become a very important issue to handle multi-dimensional data.The birth of visualization technology allows data information to transfer into intuitive physical phenomena or physical quantity, displayed in the form of graphic image and changed with spatial and time variation and presented to the researchers, so that we discover and understand the potential objects or phenomena previously unknown.在计算机科学的许多领域,如何处理多维数据已经成为一个非常重要的问题。可视化技术的诞生,使得数据信息能够转变成直观的、依靠图形图像形式显示的、随时间空间变化的物理现象或物理量呈现给研究者,使我们发现并护钉篙固蕻改戈爽恭鲸理解潜在的、以前未知的事物或现象。

acm computer什么意思

  • acm computer什么意思
  • acm computerACM计算机拼音双语对照双语例句1He is a member of ACM, IEEE Computer Society, and AAAI.他是ACM、IEEE计算机学会和AAAI的成员。 2The researchers will present their work in April at the ACM Computer-Human Interaction meeting in Atlant长订拜寡之干瓣吮抱经a, Georgia.研究人员计划在4月于佐治亚州亚特兰大举行的计算机&人类互动大会上公布他们的研究成果。


  • kilometer是什么意思
  • 你好!kilometer 英[klmi:t] 美[klɑmt, klmit] n. 美千米,公里; [网络] 千米,公里; 千秒; 公里,千米; [例笭法蒂盒郦谷垫贪叮楷句]In 197o, researchers at Corning Glass Works were able to produce a kilometer-long ultrapure optical fiber.1970年,康宁玻璃厂的研究者们能生产出了光可以穿行1千米的超纯光纤。

cOnfirm passWOrd是什么意思?

  • cOnfirm passWOrd是什么意思?
  • cOnfirm passWOrd 确认密码confirm英[knf:m]美[knf:rm]vt.证实; [法] 确认,批准; 使有效; 使巩固;[例句]The researchers said they found only two high-quality studies. They called for more high-quality studies to confirm their findings.研究者表示他们仅发现两项高质量研究,他们需要更多的高质量研究来证实他们的发现。[其他]第三人称单数:confirms 现在分词:花订羔寡薏干割吮公经confirming 过去式:confirmed 过去分词:confirmed 形近词: unfirm infirm affirm

corpus linguistics 的中文意思是什么,包括哪些内容

  • corpus linguistics 的中文意思是什么,包括哪些内容
  • corpus linguistics英 [k:ps lgwstks]美 [krps lɡwstks][释义]语料库语言学;[例句]With the development of corpus linguistics in the 1980s, English researchers have a new insight into vocabulary teaching.20世纪80年代,随着语料库语言学的发展担础曹飞丨读查嫂肠讥,人们对词汇教学有了新的认识。


  • kilomter是什么意思
  • kilometer  英 [klmi:t] 美 [klɑmt, klmit]  n.美千米,公里;  [网络]千米,公里; 千秒; 公里,千米;  [例句]In 197o, researchers at Corning Glass Works were able to produce a kilometer-long ultrapure optical fiber.  1970年,康宁玻璃厂的研究者们能生产出了光可以穿行1千米的超纯光纤。  [其他]复数:kilometers 形近词: bimeter autometer exometer

2010年江西高考英语 招聘广告,when applying please state your source.这句话在这是什么意思?

  • Head of Research Satary: & 55.27We a looking for a Head of Research to manage the CWU research Depart and informating Certre. You would be required to excrcise conrol of all researchers work of the depertend and manage a team of three researchers and uppor aff.The person appointed would be expected to carry out research work of a strategic nature …….You will need:…………subject or other similar experience; ………..and calculating skills; the ability to produce……….politics; and knowledge andor experience of the ………To apply ase request an application pack by emailing ……… When applying plense stay your source.Closing Date for Applications:4th August 2010Anticipated interview date:17th August 2010 No agencies pleasewhen applying please state your source.这句话在这是什么意思?
  • 申请时请注明你获得该信息的来源